Metaverse marathons included: metaverse marathon

To make the most of the metaverse as an unlimited virtual space, Degree Deodorant is partnering with Decentraland for a first world metaverse marathon that aims to “help shape the standard of inclusiveness and representation in the virtual world”. The Degree Marathon will be hosted by Grammy-nominated artist Fat Joe (Joseph Antonio Cartagena) and Paralympic athlete Blake Leeper in late April and will promote inclusiveness and representation in the virtual world.

As the metaverse is still in its infancy, Degree has worked with disability experts to better understand and identify the needs of the underrepresented movers in the Metaverse. Together, Degree and Decentraland aim to allow everyone to see themselves represented in the metaverse with audio descriptions for people with visual impairments and non-binary avatars representing body types of all shapes and sizes.