Jenna Ellis makes an open offer to Disney and people have thoughts:

Jenna Ellis, former senior legal counsel to President Donald Trump, has been quite busy lately to back her support for Disney in their perceived tug-of-war with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the Parental Rights Bill in Education widely. (and deliberately) misdescribed.

Ellis believes DeSantis is acting unconstitutional by signing a bill revoking Disney’s special district status. So strongly, in fact, that he tweeted the following:

Interestingly, Ellis’ offer is not received entirely in good faith where it is assumed that he offered it and who is collecting it:

could be

Calling someone an idiot definitely muddies the waters on this observation, but the point still holds. Why does Jenna Ellis knock out for Disney? Could she really be a test attack on Trump? Or is she looking for attention?

Maybe she doesn’t like it when Republicans finally react.

If Ellis has a problem, he should read this from Jesse Kelly:

It’s probably safe to say they don’t exactly have a plan.

He omitted, ‘How dare you?’ “You’re not a real conservative!”

And a good deal of finger stirring.

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