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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-California, speaks to reporters.J Scott Applewhite / AP

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For about the past six years, Republican politicians have essentially behaved like adults in that twilight zone episode with the boy with divine powers, putting on a great show about how everything Donald Trump does is “good” lest he throw them into the otherworldly cornfield from which there is no return. But second New York Times journalists Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns, there was at least one brief window in which senior GOP officials seemed ready to stiffen their backbones and prevent their leader from holding office again: the days following the January 6 Capitol uprising. .

Thursday the Times published and modified exempt from the new book by Martin and Burns This will not pass: Trump, Biden and the battle for the future of Americawho said Republican Party leaders Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) contemplated a series of drastic measures to remove Trump from office: including invoking the 25th Amendment , push him to resign, and even impeach him.

In public, McCarthy has remained true to his lily-bruised character, objecting to the election results and saying that the Democrats’ attempt to impeach Trump would “give more fuel to the fire.” He has since adopted a typically esoteric defense of Trump’s actions on Jan.6, saying that the real fault lies with Nancy Pelosi, that he (ridiculously) claims to have allowed a “security case” at the Capitol.

However, in private conversations, McCarthy was angry and fully willing to put the blame on Trump’s shoulders. On January 8, 2021, he reportedly told House Republicans that Trump’s conduct had been “heinous and utterly wrong” and openly blamed him for inciting the crowd to storm the Capitol. During a January 10 meeting, he said he would ask Trump to step down from office and said he wanted Big Tech companies to strip some far-right lawmakers from their social media accounts.

“I had it with this guy,” he reportedly railed at a group of Republican leaders. “What he did is unacceptable. Nobody can defend it and nobody should defend it “.

McConnell was even more direct: “The Democrats will take care of the son of a bitch for us,” he would tell two of his advisers in reference to the upcoming House impeachment vote.

Faced with these accusations, McCarthy dutifully denied ever saying anything to blaspheme Trump’s orthodoxy, calling the Times‘reporting “totally false and wrong”.

“McCarthy never said he would call Trump to say he should step down,” McCarthy’s spokesman Mark Bednar said. Times.

But then, in a stunning twist, the reporters went to the Rachel Maddow Show and acted honestly with God. registration by McCarthy detailing a plan to pressure Trump to step down from office.

The comments took place during a January 10 meeting with Republican lawmakers, in response to a question from Rep. Liz Cheney. In the tape, McCarthy says he planned to call Trump and recommend him to leave office voluntarily, using the threat of impeachment as leverage.

Additionally, CNN released additional McCarthy recordings, confirming further elements of the Times‘report, including one of a January 11 meeting in which the Republican leader claimed that Trump had admitted responsibility for the attack.

“But let me be very clear with you and I have been very clear with the President. He is responsible for his words and his actions. No if, and or but, “McCarthy said.” I asked him personally today, is he responsible for what happened? Does he feel bad about what happened? He told me he has responsibility for what happened. And must recognize it. “

It is unclear whether the revelations will have any effect on McCarthy’s likely offer to become Speaker of the House or the Republicans’ stance towards the man they knew from the start was guilty. Even if they are far-right figures Steve Banon Other Rep. Matt Gaetz criticized McCarthy for not showing enough loyalty to Trump, other Republican lawmakers attempted to do so minimize their leader’s turnaround, turning his first sentence into spontaneous remarks made when emotions were sky high.

Furthermore, the Washington Post reported today that McCarthy called Trump after the audio leaked and that the former president was, in fact, happy with what he considered another sign of his continued hold on the Republican Party. According to Punch Bowl News reporter Jake Sherman, McCarthy spent the morning on phone calls with top Republicans, reassuring them that Trump isn’t mad at him.