Queensland doctor William Bay films anti-vax spray against Professor Paul Kelly

A Queensland GP who leads a prominent anti-vaccination protest group is facing suspension by Australia’s peak medical board, following a live streamed tirade in front of the country’s top doctor.

Dr William Bay’s antics were brought to the attention of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) after he interrupted a conference hosted by the Australian Medical Association last month.

The GP Registrar leads the Queensland People’s Protest, an anti-vaccination protest group that promotes opposition to Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

At last month’s AMA conference, Dr Bay live streamed an astonishing spray against the country’s chief medical officer, Paul Kelly, while stunned doctors watched on.

“I’m here today to ask you to join with the people of Australia and stop forcing these vaccines on people who are getting killed by them,” Dr Bay was heard shouting.

Dr Bay accused Prof Kelly of lying and “gaslighting” his colleagues, before being escorted from the conference by security.

“All GPs, all doctors of Australia you are on notice by the people of Queensland,” he is heard shouting towards the end of the video.

“This is the Queensland People’s Protest and you have been warned.”

In a statement, an AHPRA spokeswoman said the Medical Board of Australia was proposing to suspend his registration by way of immediate action.

Dr Bay has until August 16 to argue why his registration should not be suspended.

“For legal and privacy reasons, there’s nothing more we can say at the moment,” the AHPRA spokeswoman said.

NCA NewsWire has seen a copy of AHPRA’s suspension notice, which states the Medical Board believes Dr Bay’s conduct “poses a serious risk to persons” and require “immediate action” to protect public health.

The board raised concerns about videos Dr Bay posted online regarding his “mistrust of vaccinations”, public health measures and the health care system.

“The statements by you, as recently as June 2022, have the potential to undermine public health directives and positions in relation to the Covid-19 vaccine,” the notice reads.

“This conduct is of significant concern in circumstances where you appear to be relying on your position as a registered health practitioner to lend credibility to your position.”

The notice states Dr Bay’s suspension was warranted as he “may have behaved in a manner that demonstrates a general absence of qualities essential for a medical practitioner.

“(These include) the ethical exercise of judgment and integrity and respect for public health directives,” the notice reads.

Appearing on a podcast after his rant, Dr Bay claimed some of his patients had complained of chest pains and an inability to walk which he attributed as a “side effect” to the vaccines.

He claimed another had been “ejaculating blood”.

Asked if they had received any complaints about these side-effects relating to Dr Bay’s patients, AHPRA said they could not comment on ongoing matters.

“The Medical Boards’ expectations of doctors about vaccination and public health predate the COVID-19 pandemic. Our code of conduct sets out the professional standards we expect,” the AHPRA spokeswoman said.

“When providing information or advice, we expect practitioners to exercise their professional judgment and ensure their advice is evidence-based and in line with the latest health advice.”

Dr Bay was contacted for comment but did not respond.

In subsequent social media updates he has appeared defiant, saying he is “ready for the fight” in a video posted to the QPP’s Facebook page last week.

“Whatever happens, it’s going to be okay because we’ve got God on our side and we’re going to win anyway,” he says.

In another video, he accused AHPRA of gagging doctors and said they were attempting to “destroy him”.

He has also started a petition urging supporters to “save” his medical registration.

Previous videos on social media have depicted the doctor “throwing away” his medical licence and organising protests outside offices of government officials and media organisations.

Originally published as ‘You have been warned’: Doctor, anti-vax protest leader facing suspension over bizarre rant to chief medical officer