It Gets Real As Trump Lawyers Try Criminal Executive Privilege Claim That DOJ Isn’t Buying

Trump’s criminal defense lawyers are talking to the DOJ and setting up an executive privilege confrontation that the Justice Department is ready for.

CNN reported:

At this stage, the conversations are focused mostly on whether any communications that witnesses from the Trump West Wing had with the former President can be kept from a federal criminal grand jury under Trump’s claims of executive privilege, the people said.

The Justice Department has been anticipating a court fight with Trump over executive privilege. The issue has arisen as grand jury subpoenas have been issued to two former White House counsel’s office officials and to former Vice President Mike Pence’s chief counsel and chief of staff.

Trump’s legal defense team has warned him that indictments are possible, sources tell CNN.

Trump refuses to believe that he could be indicted and is still telling people that it is a witch hunt, which is not surprising because Donald Trump is nearly 80 years old and has gotten away with crimes for virtually his entire adult life.

Donald Trump also still thinks that has executive privilege even though he has lost court cases at every level of the judicial system on the question.

Trump has shown that he doesn’t get worried until subpoenas and the legal wheels start turning in his direction. As long as he has someone to throw under the bus to save himself, (Mark  Meadows) Trump shows little concern.

However, the Justice Department isn’t shying away from Trump and they look ready to take on his inner circle. Whether Trump wants to face it or not, the investigation into his potential criminal liability for the 1/6 attack is getting real.