3D-Printed Battery Facilities : sakuu g one

‘Sakuu,’ a Silicon Valley startup in the 3D-printing space, announced the opening of the ‘Sakuu G-One’ facility. This is a massive 79,000-square-foot facility that will serve as an engineering hub, production line, and organizational office for Sakuu’s 3D-printed battery operations.

According to Sakuu, its engineering team consists of R&D, material science, and AM divisions, meaning this facility will truly become a one-stop-shop for Sakuu productions. Sakuu stated that it is in a state of rapid growth due to the efficiency of its 3D-printed battery productions and the high level of demand associated with its high-capacity, cost-effective power solutions.

Sakuu aims to produce upwards of 60Gwh of annual power at its facilities by 2028, with current goals being far more modest and tied to individual battery values. The original battery target was 800Wh/L, while the new target for 2023 is 1200Wh/L.

Image Credit: Sakuu