9 summer make-up trends we love

This year, a good number of new makeup trends took the internet by storm with celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Rihanna, and Bella Thorne following suit.

Focusing on the natural ‘makeup no-makeup look’ whilst adding a slight burst of colour on their eyes, cheeks, or lips, Summer 2022’s make-up trends have definitely been giving a more airy and serene mood to this year’s make-up looks.

Natural Nude Glow

Throughout the past few years, the natural makeup look has resurfaced on the internet various times and is now trending again. According to copious celebrity makeup artists, including Erin Ayanian Monroe who worked with the likes of Pat McGrath, Zoe Kravitz and so many more– she made a step-by-step tutorial with Byrdie earlier this year on the right products to always have for this look, including: foundation, concealer, cream eyeshadow, shadow stick, clear brow gel, cream blush, highlighter, and lip tint/balm.

Statement Shadow

Eyeshadow is always fun to play with, and this summer– protruding eye looks are in. From popular shimmers with sequins and glitter for a night out to soft pastels painted across your eyelids and even sometimes a mix of both.

Blaring Lips

Loud and rich colours on your lips is always a winner. It intensifies your look, grabbing attention to the structure of your face. Summer 2022 also calls in for clean but fuller lips making big appearances on our feeds. Here we have icon, Rihanna wearing a roaring red lip from Fenty Beauty.

Radiant Accents

Summertime calls in for playful bright eyes– all about making a statement with colourful accents all across your lids. This trend always makes an eye catching comeback, perfectly in time for hot summer nights. 

Everlastingly Y2K

Y2K makeup returns. A fun do-it-yourself art piece on your face with perfectly snatched looks that divulges in interesting characteristics and personalities. The Y2K era will forever encapsulate aesthetics that will never fade. 

Euphoric Glitter Eyes

Glitter as eyeliner, eyeshadow, or even spotted on the corners of your eyes always stand out. This trend has a great personality to it as it can be altered to any characteristic you want to put on with endless amounts of colours and styles. A ton of brands have come up with glitter eyeshadow sticks that are compact and effortless– Kiko Milano has an amazing variety of liquid eyeshadows. 

Dense Cream Blush

Cream blush is ideal for the summer. Applying heavy amounts of blush over light layers promises full coverage that will not melt on your face in the warmth. They are uncomplicated and easy to blend, building up your skin to glow everyday. 

Clean Girl Glossy Aesthetic

Who doesn’t love a clean girl everyday look with rosy glossy lips? This trend has circled the internet for a long time now and it is definitely here to stay. It screams building up one’s raw and natural face with products that perfectly match skin tones. As sworn by so many, this look can be acquired with limited products, skipping heavy foundation bases and going in with the likes of tinted SPFs or tinted lightweight moisturisers.

Woolly Brows

Bushy brows are in again– and a much more natural way of finishing up your makeup look. To get these fluffy brows, clear or tinted eyebrow gels and brushes are always the way to go! 

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