Innodisk Edge AI SSD drives

The Innodisk Edge AI SSD drives are a new line of storage drives with high-capacity and low-latency in mind to support the modern needs of today’s users. The drives include the 2.5-inch SATA 3TS6-p, 3TS9 and the M.2 (P80) 4TS2-P, which each support high drive writes per day (DWPD) with large capacities ready to handle present and future data needs. The drives are ideal for smart city, retail, fleet management and NAS network storage uses, which follows on research on the needs of future segments.

The brand spoke further on the need for the Innodisk Edge AI SSD drives saying, “Research suggests that the edge data center market is expected to reach a compound annual growth rate of 24.58% between 2020 and 2028. With the rapid development of AI, IoT, and 5G, data utilization has shifted from cloud to edge applications, driving the demand for edge servers and edge data centers. Innodisk is ready to roll out edge server market solutions and open up new business opportunities.”