Discotek Launches New Toku Time Label for Tokusatsu Shows – News

Label’s 1st releases are Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds, Space Sheriff Gavan

Discotek announced during its panel at Otakon on Saturday that it has launched a new label named Toku Time dedicated to tokusatsu media. The company’s first licenses for the label include the 1977 Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds (Kyōryū Kaichō no Densetsu) and the 1982 Space Sheriff Gavan (Uchū Keiji Gavan).

The release for Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds will ship later this year, and will be a new HD transfer. The release will include the show’s original trailers, and the Frontier Enterprises English dub.

The release for Space Sheriff Gavan will ship in October, and will include all 44 episodes of the show in HD. The release will be the first ever English release for the show, and will include a reunion interview with lead actor Kenji Ohba and director Osamu Kaneda, as well as a photo gallery, and a historical essay by tokusatsu enthusiast and essayist Mike Dent.

Source: Email correspondence