Top 100 Autos Trends in August

This list of August 2022 autos trends draws attention to the key areas of automobile innovation. These innovations point to sustainability, modularity, and multi-purposeness. Many automobiles and accessories released this month help drivers draw more utility out of their existing vehicles.

One noteworthy release is the ‘Knotix’ universal car rack. This rack uses magnetic force combined with a high-strength locking system that allows the rack to be mounted on the roof of any vehicle with a hard top. This rack can reliably support up to 330 pounds of weight and can be easily removed and stored within a vehicle’s trunk when it is no longer required. This brings the utility of a truck to sedan and other small-car drivers.

The ‘ZiGGY’ is another interesting release this month. This is an automated robotic charger for electric vehicles. The ZiGGY is capable of automatically driving itself to a parked electric vehicle and connecting to the vehicle to initiate the charging process. On top of this, the ZiGGY can be summoned via a mobile application, or instructed to reserve a parking space in a specific parking lot in advance of the driver’s arrival.