Family talks after Gold Coast funeral suicide

Raymond Mogg’s family, whose funeral was cut short when his friend took his own life, spoke in the wake of the horrific tragedy.

The grieving family of a man whose funeral was horribly interrupted when one of his friends took his own life in the back of a car spoke of their last hope.

Raymond Mogg’s sister, who died early last month after crashing her motorcycle, shared her heartbroken family’s last wish following the funeral tragedy last week.

Spike Porter, 25, took his own life Tuesday at Pimpama Island Cemetery in Jacobs Well on the Gold Coast, where he had been to pay tribute to his good friend, Mr. Mogg, 31.

Mr. Mogg’s loved ones reacted immediately in a desperate effort to save Mr. Porterbut sustained severe head injuries and died before an emergency helicopter arrived.

As tributes continue to flood the Internet in the wake of his death, Mr. Mogg’s sister revealed that while her family was still in shock, there was “one thing” they were hoping for for Mr. Porter’s family.

“I understand that people have questions, but we are all so shocked and don’t even know the answers on our own,” he wrote to social media.

“My family has been through a lot. We lost our Ray Ray, then his first funeral was taken away from us [and] his second funeral turned into another tragedy.

He added that the only thing Mr. Mogg’s family wanted for now was an opportunity for Mr. Porter’s family to greet him properly.

“We are in absolute turmoil, but one thing we don’t want is that Spike’s family won’t be able to rest him peacefully and respectfully,” he wrote.

“That’s all we wanted and I’m sure that’s what they want too. My deepest solidarity goes to this family ”.

Mr. Mogg’s mom Desleigh said in a Facebook fundraiser that her son had died “while he was doing what he loved dearly.”

“Raymond was a loving and caring family man who gave everyone his shirt off and helped everyone in need, especially his family that he cared deeply about,” he wrote.

“We are disturbed by what happened and we will miss him very much. It’s hard to put my pain into words, there are so many ways to describe Raymond but hard to put together. “His cheeky beautiful smile of him will live on inside all of us and he clever remarks of him haha ​​Raymond was a family man and he went out doing what he loved most and that was riding a bicycle.”

Nearly $ 13,000 was raised to support his family in the now-closed Facebook fundraiser, some of which broke their mourning at the funeral to try and save Mr. Porter.

A bereaved person praised the selfless funeral attendees who put their mourning aside and jumped into action after Mr. Porter was injured.

“I feel for those who have not been able to say goodbye as they put their goodbyes aside to try and save a life, which is admirable to say the least,” reads part of their Facebook post.

Another attendee said that if circumstances had been different, Mr. Mogg would have been one of the people they tried to help.

“Ray would have done exactly the same thing that those who missed their last goodbye did,” they wrote.

A GoFundMe fundraiser established in the wake of Mr. Porter’s death has raised more than $ 23,000, with family and friends expressing deep distress over the horrific tragedy.

His older brother, Jaxon, paid tribute to him in a heartbreaking post on Facebook.

“I have loved you more than you will ever know little brother, no measure of time will ever heal all that you have left in me. Saying that we will miss you is not entirely wrong, I will remember and think of you for the rest of my days, “she wrote.

“You are truly one of a kind and this world will never be the same without you. ️ I love you little brother.

Originally published as The family of the man who was greeted at the funeral where his friend took his own life shared one last wish