After politics, what’s the next career move for Scott Morrison?

What possible career path lies ahead for the former prime minister? Banking? The law? Hillsong? We asked the professionals.

(Image: Gorkie/Private Media)

A few months after he made his way into the Lodge, we cast an eye over Scott Morrison’s pre-politics CV and said it “casts doubt over his strategic campaigning abilities, his management skills and an apparent tendency towards a lack of transparency”. Little did we know.

And now, having ditched Parliament this week to address a “global leaders summit” and letting loose some of his less voter-friendly views at his church, the former PM seems less enamoured with the idea of facing voters again.

As such, he’s surely soon to return to the private sector — and we’re here to help with his forthcoming job search, getting some advice from professional recruiters and marketing specialists. Firstly, let’s sort out this LinkedIn of his:

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