Herschel Walker Knows Who’s Scared To Debate, It Is Guy Who Keeps Challenging Him To Debates

“Let’s just say Herschel Walker, I think, is having a hard time getting his running legs back.” That’s what Mitt Romney said about Walker’s race to beat Senator Raphael Warnock in Georgia and take that seat back for the Republican Party, as reported by Politico Playbook this morning. That’s pretty gentle, but also funny, because as far as we can tell, Walker’s only qualification to run for the Senate is that he used to be famous for having some running legs.

The “why are you hitting yourself” contest between Warnock and Walker continues over whether they will ultimately debate this fall. Walker couldn’t bring himself to debate during the Republican primary, and it seems pretty clear he doesn’t want to have to debate Warnock. But he also wants to appear like he really wants to debate Warnock, and Warnock doesn’t want to debate him.

But he’s ready for it!

Except for

Well good news, because Herschel Walker demonstrates how ready he is for these debates each and every day. Today, he demonstrated it for Fox News.

Brian Kilmeade’s question was why Herschel Walker will not “commit to a debate” with Raphael Warnock. It is possible Herschel Walker is not clear on which man in that question was which. (Click over to stinky Mediaite if you want to watch the video. Also thanks to blessed Mediaite for transcribing.)

“Well, first of all, Senator Warnock has nothing else to talk about,” Walker answered. “He don’t want talk about the high gas prices, he don’t want to talk about high groceries.”

Why does Raphael Warnock keep challenging Herschel Walker to all these debates if he won’t even talk about groceries?

“I’ve told him many times I’m ready debate him any time, any day. I just want to make it for the fans …


not about a political party or some media, and all they are doing is talking. I want to make it a fair and equal debate for the people.”

Seems like what he’d like is a debate. Where they could talk about the groceries. For the fans.

Brian Kilmeade asked if Walker had concerns about the potential moderator, and maybe Walker answered that question, we can’t tell, we report, you decipher:

I’m willing to cross the aisle and talk to him about who’s going to host this debate, not do it on his terms, but do it on the terms that the people can see the contrast between he and I, where I don’t want men in women’s sports. I’m not gonna have that. I don’t wanna see high gas prices. I wanna see the crime stop. Those are things he voted for which he don’t want to admit, so he needs to answer to that because the Georgia people are talking. They want him to answer questions, not just hearing him to continue to talk to the media.

Herschel Walker just wants people to see how he doesn’t want the men in the women’s sports, and he’s not going to have that. He doesn’t like the gas prices and the crime. Raphael Warnock voted for Joe Biden’s “Build Back Men In Women’s Sports And Make The High Gas Prices And Do Crimes” bill, which is now law, and Herschel Walker needs to confront him about that.


“So you will debate him, you just want to make sure the rules and the moderator is something you wanna have a say in?” Kilmeade asked.

“Oh yeah, that’s exactly right,” Walker said. “But it seems like he wants to have a say in it because he wants to continue to hide behind other people rather than him getting out, doing what he’s supposed to do as representing the people, which he hasn’t done a good job at it.”

Herschel Walker will debate Raphael Warnock when Raphael Warnock stops challenging him to debates like a common coward.

It’s not Fetterman-grade trolling, but it’ll do.



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