75 First Date Ideas (To Spark A Connection)


Coming up with ideas for the perfect first date can be difficult.

If you don’t know the person well, then it’s easy to accidentally choose something that they end up hating.

Planning a first date should always first involve some conversation about your partner’s likes and dislikes.

Once you know these things, you can start coming up with ideas for a first date that will impress them.

Here are 75 first date ideas to help you.


75 First Date Ideas


1. Visit An Escape Room

couple in Escape Room


If you want to truly test your compatibility, then you should take your date to an escape room.

An escape room is a room filled with puzzles and a storyline tying them all together.

You have to solve the puzzles to get out of the room.

Some storylines even require you to save the world.

It’s a great first date idea because it can show you how well you two work together under pressure.


2. Go Painting

Young couple painting together


If you’re both creative, then doing some painting together is an excellent idea.

Even if neither of you knows how to paint, it’s a fun experience.

There’s no right or wrong way to paint.

It’s all about one’s perspective.

You can also always couple the painting with some wine to make it even more romantic.


3. Go To The Beach

Couple walking on honeymoon vacation


If you want a romantic environment, then you should consider going to the beach.

The beach has everything you could ever need on a first date.

It’s romantic, offers tons of activities, and things can get a little sexy under the right circumstances.


4. Experience The Zoo Together

Traveling friends taking selfie in zoo


If you’re both animal lovers, then going to the zoo on your first date together is a no-brainer.

The zoo can make you harken back to your younger days and it also always has plenty of exciting experiences to offer.

You can simply view the animals or head to the petting area to make some adorable memories.

Stopping by the gift shop to get a stuffed animal for your partner only makes the date better.


5. Attend A Fair Or Carnival

Couple making selfie in amusement park


Another great first date idea is to bring your partner to a fair or carnival that’s happening in your area.

Fairs and carnivals have tons of different things to do.

You can impress your date by winning them some prizes or you can experience a few thrills together by riding some rides.


6. See A Movie

Young loving couple at the cinema


One of the most classic first date ideas is going to see a movie together.

It’s still a great first date idea today.

Going to a movie is a great icebreaker because you’ll have lots to talk about afterward.

It also gives you an opportunity to learn more about each other’s interests.


7. Play Some Board Games

Happy couple playing board games


If you want a cozier and more relaxed first date, then you should consider hosting at your home.

One of the best things to do is to play board games.

In today’s tabletop gaming world, there’s no shortage of great games that are extremely fun to play with other people.

You’ll have a great time and learn more about one another in the process.


8. Go Skydiving Together

Skydiving photo. Tandem


If you’re both thrill seekers, then why not make your first date memorable?

One of the best, most thrilling experiences that you can have is going skydiving.

It’s a great way to test your courage with a prospective partner and see if they’re as tough as you are.

It also may make for a great story at your wedding.


9. Try Scuba Diving Together

Young woman and man scuba divers


If neither of you is fond of heights, then you can always go low.

Scuba diving is another great first date idea since it allows you both to explore the unknown.

You’ll swim around with fish and learn a bit more about marine life in the process.

It’s certainly something you’ll both remember for years to come.


10. Attend A Renaissance Faire

People in medieval costumes performing


History lovers, or even just nerds, will love going to a Renaissance Faire.

You and your date can attend a jousting competition, watch a sword fight, and enjoy some ale and turkey legs.

There’s plenty of shopping to do and things to see.

Not only is this type of date fun, but it also offers plenty of opportunities to sit in the shade (if it’s hot outside) and get to know one another.

You’ll also typically have a bit of lute music in the background to set a fun mood.


11. Take A Walk In The Park

Happy young couple walking by park


There’s nothing quite like a leisurely stroll in the park if you’re looking for romance.

If you time it right, you can walk through the park just as the sun is starting to set.

Walking through the park gives your body something to do while you get to know your partner a bit better.


12. Dog Walking

Partial view of senior couple walking with dpg


If you both have dogs, then it’s worth bringing them on your first date, too.

Not only does it help determine whether your dogs get along, but it also determines whether your dog likes your partner.

Walking dogs together lets one of the most important members of your family be a part of the fun too.


13. Take A Short Hiking Trip

Walk Forest Couple


Hiking is a great first date idea for those who love the outdoors and getting exercise.

While you shouldn’t plan an extensive hiking trip, planning a single-day hike is ideal for a first date.

You’ll have the beautiful and rugged outdoors as your backdrop while you get to know your date.

Hiking also helps determine how you both work together and helps you hone your skills for supporting one another.


14. Go On A One-Night Camping Trip

camping in tent


Camping is a lot of fun.

Yet, you don’t want to overdo it by taking your date on a long camping trip.

Instead, plan for just a single camping night.

You can even camp in your backyard.

Camping is great because it helps you get to know your partner better and makes for a great memory.


15. Ghost Hunting Trip

Front of a creepy old house - vintage version


If you both love the paranormal or just being scared, then doing a bit of ghost hunting on your first date could be a lot of fun.

Whether you go on an independent ghost hunting trip or join some sort of tour, you can look for ghosts while getting to know one another.

After all, you’re going to need to fill the hours waiting for the ghosts to appear with some sort of entertainment, so why not spend the time chatting?


16. Arrange A Personal Scavenger Hunt

Treasure Hunt


Scavenger hunts are always fun.

They play on the childhood joy of discovering treasure.

It’s an ideal first date idea because you work together to find personal or important items scattered around by family and friends.

Clues lead you from one place to the next.

Throughout the process, you’re learning more about each other since the clues should lead to a place or to an object that’s important to one of you.


17. Go Dancing

Couple dancing at party — Photo


If you just want to get out with your partner and dance, then there’s no shortage of nightclubs to attend.

You can even stop off at a few clubs throughout the date.

Going dancing is fun since it encourages intimacy.


18. Learn How To Ballroom Dance Together



If you want to learn something new and make a good impression on your date, then learning how to ballroom dance together is a great first date idea.

It tests your compatibility and patience.

You may just find that you have perfect compatibility and can heat up the dance floor.


19. Go To A Farmer’s Market Or An Arts And Crafts Festival

Farmers selling vegetables at market


Throughout the spring and summer, there are usually several farmer’s markets and arts and crafts festivals hosted locally.

These festivals make for a great first date because they help you get a sense of your partner’s interests.

You may find that your date likes antiques or has a particular taste in art.

Strolling through the festival also allows you to talk to and get to know one another.


20. Go To A Music Festival

Dance club


For music lovers, one of the best first date ideas is to attend a music festival together.

Music festivals usually bring in several different bands that all play throughout the day.

Even if your musical tastes don’t exactly align, a festival usually has plenty of different bands to ensure you’re both happy.


21. Attend Their Favorite Musical Artist’s Concert

musicians playing at concert


If you know your date’s favorite band, then it’s worth trying to get tickets for a concert if they’re playing nearby.

It’s a great first date idea since you’ll be able to impress them with the experience.

It also gives you an opportunity to learn more about your date.


22. Perform Community Service

Hardworking progressive citizens community service


Picking up trash on the side of the highway or cleaning out a pond may not seem like a great idea for a date, but it could be for the right couple.

If you’re both interested in improving your community, then doing community service is a great way to spend time together.

You’re doing something great for the community and having fun in the process.


23. Go To A Theme Park

Lovely young hipster couple dating in theme park


Thrill seekers should consider having their first date at a theme park.

Theme parks have no shortage of games and rides.

While you’re waiting in line, you have all the opportunities you need to flirt and get to know each other better.


24. Attend A Sports Game

American Football Fans


Partners who share a love of sports will find attending a sports game together the perfect first date.

As long as you both enjoy the sport, you’ll have a great time.

While you’re waiting for the real action to start, you can talk to each other and trade sports trivia.


25. Play Sports Together

Couple playing basketball


Attending a game is one thing and playing in an actual game is another.

For those who are competitive or just want an excuse to get a bit closer together, playing a game together is another great first date idea.

It’s a good idea to ensure you’re on the same team so you don’t have to compete against one another.


26. Play Laser Tag Together

Pistol, automatic, for laser tag, equipment


Another great place to have a first date is at a laser tag center.

Whether you’re on the same team or not, you’ll have a lot of fun trying to get the other team out.

You may find that you work extremely well together.


27. Go Hunting Together

Modern Bow Hunter


If you both share a love for hunting, then going hunting together is an ideal first date.

Once hunting season opens, you can dress up in your favorite camouflage and stake out a blind.

Hunting is a great first date since it introduces some friendly competition.

While sitting around and waiting for prey, you’ll have the ideal chance to talk.


28. Go Bar Hopping

Young couple having a drink together


A lot of first dates tend to involve alcohol.

If you need a bit of liquid courage or if your partner happens to be a beer aficionado, then you might want to consider going bar hopping for your first date.

You can get a list of some of the best bars in your area and go to each one.

It keeps the date interesting and gives you plenty to talk about.


29. Do Some Gambling At Casinos

Cute looking couple going to the casino for a date


Those who have casinos near them might want to consider taking your date to one.

Hitting the slot machines and playing some card games can be a lot of fun.

The thrill of hitting a jackpot or outmaneuvering your opponents in a dice game can add some spice to your night.


30. Play Video Games Together

Couple playing video games


Playing video games together is a great first date idea for those who want a more relaxing date experience.

If you both love gaming, then you’ll find plenty of different games that you can play together.

It’s not a bad way to determine how you both perform under pressure together, either.


31. Go Sailing

Couple sailing on boat


If you both love the water, then you should consider going sailing on your first date.

If you already have a boat, then you could impress your date even further.

If you don’t have your own boat, you can still delight your date by renting one to sail together or by hiring someone to do the sailing for you.


32. Drive In Go-Karts

Portrait Of A Race Karting Couple


Not everyone likes to be out on the water.

Some prefer the thrill of racing on a track.

If this is the case with your date, take them out for some go-karting fun.

It offers a thrill and an entertaining experience that can set the mood for the rest of the date.


33. Go Skiing Or Snowboarding

Man and woman with snowboards


It can be difficult to think of first date ideas during winter.

A lot of things that you might normally suggest might not be open during the colder seasons.

Yet, there’s still one winter activity that can be a lot of fun for a first date.

Skiing or snowboarding lets you both have fun together.

When you grow tired, you can visit the warm ski resort where you can get some coffee or hot chocolate.


34. See A Stage Show

Eugene Onegin opera


A date who enjoys theater will love going to a stage show for a first date.

It helps to know if they prefer musical theater, plays, or stand-up comedy.

As long as you have an auditorium near you, you’re sure to find some sort of stage show that your date will enjoy.


35. Spend Time Around A Fire Pit



If you want a cozy first date, then relaxing around the fire pit is a perfect idea.

You can bring some desserts and finger foods that you can cook right on the pit.

Relaxing under the stars will also give your date a romantic vibe.

The warm fire will make it easy to get cozy and get to chatting.


36. Have A Picnic

couple picnic


Instead of having some snacks under the stars, you can also have a picnic.

While you can have a picnic at night, it’s ideal to have a picnic at sunset or under the warm noon sun.

A picnic can be quite romantic, especially if you decorate appropriately.

A picnic is a bit of a twist on the classic dinner first date.


37. Attend A Cooking Class Together

Boyfriend cutting vegetables and girlfriend


Learning something new together is a great first date experience since it creates a memory that neither of you will forget.

One useful skill that you can both learn is cooking.

Attending a cooking class is a great date because you can have a bit of fun with it.

It isn’t too serious of a class.

It also gives you the opportunity to show off some skills.


38. Learn How To Brew Beer Or Make Wine Together

Assorted Beers in a Flight


If you’re not into cooking, then you might want to sign up for a class on how to brew beer or make wine.

This class requires a bit more concentration than the cooking class, but it’s still interesting and fun.

It’s ideal for people who love beer or wine.


39. Visit An Art Gallery

Couple Looking At Paintings In Art Gallery Together


Creative people will love visiting an art gallery.

If you want to impress your artistic date, then it might be worth brushing up on some art facts and trivia.

Visiting an art gallery is a great idea for a date since it may give you a bit of understanding of how your potential partner perceives the world.


40. Visit A Local Museum

National Museum of National History


Historians or history fans will love a date at the local museum.

No matter if you have a gigantic museum or just a humble museum with local history, history fans will have a great time seeing the exhibits.

Many museums are also interactive, so you and your date will have plenty to do during your visit.


41. Go To An Arcade

Couple in a video game arcade


Another classic date idea is a visit to the local arcade.

While many arcades have closed over the years, you can still find retro and brand-new arcades around.

Retro arcades are ideal for those who prefer to play nostalgic games from their past.

Serious gamers or those looking for more modern games should consider going to more modern arcades like Dave & Buster’s.


42. Visit An Aquarium

Couple looking at fish in tank


An aquarium is a great first date location for those who love animals or sea life.

There’s always something fun to do or see at an aquarium.


43. Eat Somewhere With Live, Local Music

Beautiful young adult couple looking in menu to order


Anyone can take a person out for dinner.

If you want an upscale take on the classic dinner date, then you should look for a place that has live music.

Make sure that the music genre is something your date enjoys.

Eating somewhere with live music makes the experience a bit more romantic and memorable.


44. Attend A Trivia Night

Couple using digital devices


Those who love to put their intellect on display should consider taking your date to a trivia night.

There are likely several local bars and restaurants that have regular trivia nights.

Choose a genre that both you and your date enjoy, then compete together to win the prize.


45. Plan A Bike-Riding Trip

Cyclists in autumn park


Fitness-focused partners should consider a bike trip for their first date.

You can stop off at certain locations along the way to rest and relax.

While you’re biking, you can get to know one another while enjoying the scenery.


46. Go Kayaking

Man and Woman Kayaking in the Ocean


Those who love the water will find that kayaking together is a great first date idea.

You can easily rent a kayak at most public waterfront locations.

Kayaking allows you to take in the beauty of nature while getting to know your date.


47. Go Paddleboarding

Couple on Stand Up Paddle Board


If you want to add a bit of a challenge to your water activity, then you might want to bring your date paddleboarding.

Paddleboarding is ideal for calm rivers and lakes.

If your date doesn’t know how to paddleboard, then you can teach them.

It’ll be a bonding experience that neither of you will forget.


48. Go Surfing

Young couple walking on beach


Surfing is another fun date idea for those who love the water.

If both of you already know how to surf, then you can shred the waves together and trade tips.

Enjoying an activity together that you both love can make you feel closer.


49. Go Golfing

Young couple at golf cart


Golf courses are idyllic and beautiful.

You can play the game together or learn how to play.

When you’re finished, you can relax in the clubhouse and enjoy a meal.


50. Try Some Miniature Golf

Mini golf equipment


If golf seems too boring, then you might want to go miniature golfing instead.

It’s less serious than golfing and arguably more fun.

It’s also a classic date night idea.


51. Karaoke

Man singing while holding microphone


Going to a karaoke night isn’t an ideal first date for just anyone.

It helps if you’re both good singers and enjoy performing, or if you’re both terrible singers and still love the attention.

No matter which side you fall on, going to karaoke night can be very memorable.


52. Walk Through A Botanical Garden

Pacific northwest garden


If you want to take a romantic stroll on your first date, then you should do so at a botanical garden.

A botanical garden usually has gorgeous plants as far as the eye can see.

Sometimes they even feature art displays dotted throughout the garden.

It’s a beautiful experience that can help set a romantic mood.


53. Go Ice Skating In Winter

Young man in jeans clothes holding pretty young blond woman in winter white hat and sweater on the ice rink. Snow background.


Another winter activity that you can do on a first date is to go ice skating.

Thanks to a few Hollywood films, ice skating with your partner can seem quite romantic.

At the very least, you and your partner are sure to have fun.

Even if you fall, you’ll make the date memorable.


54. Go Roller Skating In Spring And Summer

Happy couple roller blading together


If you want the same kind of experience as ice skating but it isn’t wintertime, then you can take your date roller skating.

Roller rinks are fun places for first dates because they’re casual.

You can get food there, play some arcade games, and skate around.

It’s a great place to have fun and talk.


55. Visit A Fortune Teller

fortune teller


You may not hear what you’re hoping for when you visit a fortune teller, but it’s certainly an interesting first date experience.

If you have a local psychic or fortune teller, then you can both get your fortunes read together.

You may even discover that you’ve found true love.


56. Watch Movies Or TV At Home

Young couple watching movie on laptop


If the weather turns foul and ruins your plans or your date just prefers to stay at home, then a great first date idea is to hang out at home and watch TV.

There are tons of streaming platforms that have original TV shows and films for you to enjoy.

This is a great plan if your partner is a bit of a cinephile, too.

You can have a show or movie-watching marathon and talk about them afterward.


57. Learn How To Bake Together

Happy young couple baking in loft kitchen


Another great skill to learn together is baking.

Baking is really more of a science than one would think.

You may find that you both have excellent chemistry when you learn how to make cakes and pies.


58. Go Bowling

Selective focus of interracial couple talking


Like a roller rink, the bowling alley is another classic setting for dates.

Bowling is a lot of fun because it’s a bit competitive.

You and your date can start a fun rivalry that lasts far beyond the bowling alley.


59. Go To A Trampoline Park

Full length of a happy couple jumping on trampoline


Bounce houses aren’t only for kids.

There are also large trampoline parks where you and your date can have some fun jumping around.

If your date is someone who likes to get in touch with their inner child, then they may find this date location right up their alley.


60. Try Yoga Together

Couple Yoga, man and woman doing yoga exercises


Being able to communicate and stay calm is important for a relationship.

You can work on those skills by learning how to do yoga together.

It doesn’t hurt to work on your flexibility with one another either.


61. Attend A Food Festival

Couple eating pizza at cafe


Foodies will love going to a food festival on a first date.

If there happens to be a food festival in town, then you should take your date there.

You can sample different types of food and learn more about each other’s likes and dislikes.


62. Attend A Wine Festival

Couple enjoying wine tasting


If your date prefers wine over food, then going to a wine festival is a better option.

You can usually get a few samples from wineries across the state (and sometimes from other states, too).

Your date will enjoy themselves, and you may even get a small buzz out of it.


63. Go Horseback Riding

Young couple with horses


There’s something romantic about riding horses with your partner.

Whether you’re riding together through a forest or along the beach, it sets the scene for romance.

Even if you don’t know how to ride a horse, learning can be a fun part of the date.


64. Swap Hobbies

Cute couple gardening on sunny day


A great way to get to know one another is to swab hobbies.

If you have something you love to do, then you can both do that hobby for a set amount of time.

Then your date can introduce their hobby, and you can do that next.

Not only does it help you get to know one another, but it might also introduce you to a new hobby that you enjoy.


65. Go To A Drive-In Theater

Diverse young couple having romantic date


A classic first date idea is to go to a drive-in theater.

Many cities have at least one drive-in theater.

You can always make your own with a bed sheet and a projector.

Drive-in theaters are great for talking, enjoying a good movie, and a bit of cuddling.


66. Do A Culinary Tour

Tourists couple eating at outdoor cafe


You don’t have to eat at just one restaurant for a date.

You can make it a culinary tour.

Order appetizers at one restaurant, then order dinner and dessert at others.

Not only does it keep the date interesting, but you also get a lot of interesting food out of it.


67. Go Wine Tasting

toasting with wine


If you and your date enjoy wine, then wine tasting is a great first date idea.

There are usually several wineries around urban centers.

You can make a road trip out of visiting each one.

The travel gives you plenty of time to talk and get to know one another.


68. Go Dessert Hopping

Couple enjoying dessert


Those who have a sweet tooth might prefer to skip dinner and get right to dessert instead.

You’re adults.

No one can deny you dessert before dinner anymore.


69. Attend A Murder Mystery Function

Female and male detectives investigating dead body


If you and your date love true crime podcasts or mysteries, then a great first date is at a murder mystery event.

You can dress up, act out your roles, and try to uncover who committed the murder.

It can be a lot of fun and it gives you something to talk about afterward.


70. Go For A Zipline Tour

Woman Tourist Wearing Casual Clothing On Zip Line


If there’s a zipline tour near you, then you should consider that as an activity for your first date.

As long as your date isn’t scared of heights, the experience can be eye-opening and a bit thrilling.


71. Become A Tourist In Your Own Town

Happy tourist sightseeing city with map


Even if you’ve lived in your town for years, there’s usually new stuff to see.

One idea for a first date is to become tourists for the day.

You and your date can visit places you’ve never been before together.

It makes learning about your town, and each other, a bit more special.


72. Have A Tea Party

Couple drinking tea with biscuits


Those who want a classier date might enjoy a tea party.

A tea party usually includes high fashion, tea, and some finger foods.

It’s a cultural experience that can be a lot of fun—or at least something you can tease your date about down the road.


73. Play Some Poker

Couple playing poker at the table


The stakes are often high when playing poker.

It’s also a fun way to get to know your partner.

Instead of using chips, you could use secrets or pieces of information that you put into the pot instead.


74. Go To The Spa

Young couple receiving treatment at spa center


Sometimes the best first date is one where you can completely relax.

To help alleviate some of those nerves, head to the spa with your date.

There are couples massages as well as several other services that you can enjoy together.

You’ll look great and feel great.


75. Have A Classic Dinner Together

Romantic dinner


Finally, you can’t beat the classic dinner for your first date.

Going to a restaurant that you both enjoy and talking to one another without any distractions can sometimes be the best way to get to know someone.



Planning a first date can be difficult.

As soon as you know a few details about your date’s preferences, you can use the ideas above to come up with the perfect first date itinerary.