Coachella’s First Partnership With Fortnite Will Make Virtual Concert Clothing A Reality

Things just got more fashionable in the gaming world.

Coachellathe music festival known for its vibrant, free-spirited outfits, is coming to Fortnite in the “Coachellaverse.”

Epic Games announced on its Fortnite blog Thursday that it’s partnering with the Indio, California, festival to release Coachella-themed skins and in-game features as part of the event’s first step into the gaming realm.

Although this is new ground for Coachella, Fortnite has scored several musical crossovers in the past as the game has put more focus on featuring music and live events.

Ariana Grande and Marshmello have graced the virtual stage with musical performances, and Epic Games even built a studio for in-game concerts in hopes of making the Fortnite stage a popular tour stop.

The partnership with Coachella will bring mostly music and outfits, and Coachella won’t actually “live” in Fortnite as Epic Games has done with previous events.

The festival, which was postponed for two years due to the pandemic, will release two series of skins to accompany each weekend of the two-weekend festival, beginning April 14 and April 22.

The outfits, inspired by the ethereal Coachella style, react to music-playing in the game. The first group of skins, which include the Wilder and Lyric outfits coupled with matching accessories, go on sale in the Fortnite shop at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday.

The second release will be on April 21 at 8 p.m. ET, and will include music-reactive Alto and Poet outfits, along with accessories. Click here to view a preview.

Fortnite players will also get a chance to listen to music by over 30 artists from this year’s festival lineup via a takeover of the in-game Icon Radio. Gamers will even be able to listen to the lineup while in Fortnite vehicles.

Fans of the survival game should also lookout for Coachella-themed cosmetics to be released in the in-game Item Shop.

The entire event will last until May 16. Click here to catch the first peek at the “Coachellaverse.”