Record levels of BUTTHURT –> Max Boot comes UNDONE after getting DRAGGED for anti-Elon Musk tweets, TRIPLES down and LOL –

Someone get this guy a tampon.


Max Boot clearly has an issue with Elon Musk owning Twitter. We thought it was bad enough when he started babbling about how it would be a horrible thing right out of the gate this morning, but then he doubled and is now tripling down. The lil guy even wrote a column for the Washington Post about it …

We knew the guy was upset but wowza, this is a whole lotta butthurt in one day:

Max can’t seem to figure out why people don’t want to be moderated.

Or censored.

Granted, Max doesn’t spend much time being censored himself so he probably doesn’t get it.

Trumpist reaction.


Everyone who disagrees with me is a Trumpist.

Waaanh some more.

Yeah, trolls! What do you wanna bet he shook his fist a lot when he wrote this tweet? He’ll get you, you trolls, and your little dog too!

Dude is really hung up on trolls.

And he needs to freakin’ learn how to thread his damn tweets.

I wrote something stupid on Twitter and people called me out for it.


The guy who supports all speech shouldn’t be able to own Twitter.

Wow, Max.



Just get your own platform, it’s super easy, right?



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