“Lance Lynn is dogs**t” – Chicago White Sox fans are sorely disappointed after Lance Lynn gets rocked by the Detroit Tigers in first start of the season

This is the last thing Chicago White Sox fans wanted to see. Starting pitcher Lance Lynn — the team’s ace — returned from a knee injury tonight after being sidelined for over two months. He had one of the easiest matchups possible, the Detroit Tigers.

The right-hander hadn’t pitched since early April when he threw his final Spring-Training start. The rust showed. In the first inning, the Tigers mashed four hits and two runs against Lynn. Tigers shortstop Willi Castro took Lynn deep with a solo home run on his very first pitch. For a Chicago White Sox team that has brutally underperformed so far, this was a worst-case scenerio.

To set the scene, the White Sox acquired Lynn from the Texas Rangers prior to the 2021 season. At that time, he had just one year left on his contract. After getting off to an excellent start recording a 1.99 ERA over his first 90 innings with the Sox, they signed him to a two-year, $38 million contract.

The 35-year-old looked worth it. He finished the season with a 2.69 ERA over 157 innings of work. But he’s off to a bad start this season.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to Lynn’s atrocious first inning against the Tigers.

Twitter reacts to Chicago White Sox ace Lance Lynn allowing seven hits and three runs to the Detroit Tigers in the first two innings

Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Lance Lynn recorded a 2.69 ERA in 2021.
Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Lance Lynn recorded a 2.69 ERA in 2021.

This user thinks Lynn has something in common with the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers are having a terrible season. They’re 24-35, putting them second-last in the American League Central. The White Sox are just one spot higher in the division. They’re 27-31.

Bum Lance Lynn is getting smacked around by the bum tigers. Lets not let it get away from us.

Considering the Chicago White Sox’s brutal start, this user thinks it’s appropriate that Lynn is doing likewise.

Lance Lynn sucking is the perfect climax to this show that is the 2022 White Sox season.

It’s been trending recently that the Tigers are “historically bad” at hitting this season. They have a .593 OPS so far in 2022, far below the league’s average of .703. The worst full season by a team in the DH era was the 1976 Los Angeles Angels, who posted .621 OPS while the league’s average was .689. It’s true, the Tigers are historically bad.

@barstoolWSD This team is elite at taking every single thing that could be fun and making it suck. Case in point – Lance Lynn tonight getting smacked around by a team that’s historically bad at hitting.

This user points out that it would be more acceptable if the White Sox were facing the New York Yankees, or some other power-hitting team. The Tigers simply are not one of those teams.

Lance Lynn gave up a troubling number of hits in his first time through the Tigers order.It is his first start of the season, but it is not like this Tigers team is the Yankees or something.

As it turns out, there were some tornado warnings in the American Midwest today. Combined with Lance Lynn’s miserable start, this user is having a stressful day.

I have a fear of tornadoes. Watching weather updates and Lance Lynn getting smacked around is not helping my mood.

Lynn was out for over two months with a knee injury. Fans have to start questioning if he’s 100% healthy.

We waited two months to see this from Lance Lynn?

This user spoke their mind.

Lance Lynn is absolute dogshit

The 35-year-old will look to get things on track before manager Tony La Russa pulls him from the game.

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