Maricar Reyes recalls judging her friend’s BF prematurely based on looks

Actress Maricar Reyes recalls how she regretted having judged her friend’s boyfriend prematurely based on his looks and how he did things.

Reyes showed her remorse via her Instagram post yesterday, May 30, while showing a video on how to fix her eyebrows.

“My kabarkada had a bad boyfriend. Weirdo foreigner siya who was much older than us. He wore clothes made of katsa (flour sacks) by choice, ha. He smoked unfiltered cigarettes. He looked so unstable. Honestly, I did not want him for my friend,” she said in the video.

One night, she and her friend plus her “bad boyfriend” went to a dinner, riding in Reyes’ car with her driving.

“While parking, I scratched a car beside me.  I had to pay for damages.  Sobrang nakakahiya ‘yung buong proseso (The whole process was so embarrassing).  My barkada tried to comfort me. Sabi nila, don’t’ feel bad. Oks lang ‘yan, ‘wag mo nang isipin. (It’s okay, don’t think about it),” she narrated.

But still and all, Reyes was inconsolable.

“My friends meant well, but their words didn’t help. I still felt so stupid kasi hindi naman sila ‘yung nakabangga (because they were not the ones who figured in the collision),” she said.

Her friend’s boyfriend tried to comfort her, too.

“Sabi niya, ‘You know, when I was eighteen I crashed my car into a cement wall. It was a total wreck and I felt so stupid. And he was laughing at himself,” she said.

That seemingly floored her. It was the best comforting message she had ever heard.

“The man I thought was so wrong for my friend  was the only one who made me feel better that night. He made me experience one of the best ways to give comfort or advice by using a simple personal story,” she said.

“Because of his story, I felt that he deeply understood me and I was making my problem bigger than they really were,” she added.

Reyes realized that “I judged him from what I saw on the surface.”

Now, she’s singing a different tune.

“But now I appreciate his character underneath. Years later, “bad boyfriend” married my kabarkada. And he has made her very happy until today. He’s not a bad boyfriend after all,” she said.  /ra


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