PowerA’s Fusion Wireless Arcade Stick review: Durable with great wireless connectively and accessible customisation – Eugene Sowah

PowerA’s Fusion Wireless Arcade Stick is a great addition to any Nintendo Switch set up

Power A Fusion Wireless Arcade Stick review

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PowerA is one of the leaders in developing third-party hardware that aims to match products from the first-party console makers.

They have a wide selection of devices ranging from headsets, chargers and other accessories, but are probably more well known for their controllers.

What I do love about PowerA is that they make controllers not only dedicated to a particular console but they come with amazing exclusive designs.

One of their products that fans might not be familiar with is the Fusion Wireless Arcade Stick for the Nintendo Switch.

As fighting games have seen a huge resurgence in recent years, more and more players are opting to use an Arcade stick over a regular controller so it only made sense for PowerA to join the fray.

The Fusion Wireless Arcade Stick is designed exclusively for Nintendo Switch


Power A)

The Fusion Wireless Arcade Stick is officially licensed by Nintendo which instantly ensures the quality of the product.

The first thing players will notice is the brazen colour scheme of red and black, which works well and matches the Nintendo Switch.

If the default colours aren’t to your liking then PowerA has made it ridiculously easy to change the face place and has even included an extra style to swap between.

Its rounded rectangle build is a little smaller than other arcade sticks however there is still enough surface space to plant your arms whilst playing.

Players will also notice how sturdy the arcade stick feels and due to the weighted metal baseplate it won’t be moving anywhere.

But I have to say at 1.83KG it’s certainly one of the lighter sticks I have used. My only worry is that the glossy finish on the top layer might be susceptible to scratches and scuffs.

It sports a brazen design that can be easily changed

The Fusion Wireless Arcade Stick is a lovely looking product with a punchy design that isn’t too overbearing. It has eight buttons and a joystick on the top which gives players full control of their gaming.

Fighting game purists will want to know who manufactured the buttons but PowerA hasn’t revealed this information anywhere.

But I’m certain these parts don’t appear to be from Sanwa, which isn’t a deal-breaker as the dome shaped clicky button feels really durable and responsive.

It features extra controls at the top which include the system buttons and the joystick toggle button, which is a great location for easy access.

The joystick toggle button grants players the ability to switch between the left stick, right stick, or D-Pad.

This is a nice feature to include as it allows players to access other extra controls that come with a Pro Controller.

Wireless play requires batteries


Power A)

The main selling point of this arcade stick is that it is wireless and believe it or not that is a hard feature to find within arcade sticks

The Fusion Wireless Arcade Stick offers two methods of connectivity which are via Bluetooth 5.0 and USB -C.

Connecting via Bluetooth was simple to do out of the box, with my Nintendo Switch instantly recognising the controller.

I didn’t experience any input lag even when playing the faster games such as Dragon Ball FighterZ or Persona Battle Arena.

The main issue is that it requires batteries to play wirelessly so players will probably need to invest in rechargeable batteries.

The other option is the 9.8ft USB C cable, with the length of the wire granting players that much-needed flexibility.

The arcade stick is fairly simple to open up and players will be able to change the buttons while following the colour-coded instructions.

It also includes an extra Octagonal Restrictor Gate if players want to swap out the square one.

Verdict 4/5

PowerA’s Fusion Wireless Arcade Stick is a great addition to any Nintendo Switch set-up that not only looks the part but will elevate your gaming experience.

It’s a fantastic choice if you are looking for a wireless arcade stick to take on the go, that works really well when using the Switch in handheld mode.

PowerA’s Fusion Wireless Arcade Stick is out now at selected stores

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