Digital NFT Fragrance Collaborations : web3

European luxury imprint Byredo is working closely with digital fashion label RTFKT to create the new perfume of the future in “Web3.” The upcoming project is titled AlphaMeta and it was originally teased online through a video with a link to the website.

Benito Pagotto, who is the co-founder of the digital fashion studio teased the new information and states that is it “applying NFT magic, what we love from potion crafting in Videogames, and Forging up to 350+ Unique Perfumes.” Fans are excited to see how companies are planning to transform scents using Web3 technology. RTFKT, which has recently worked with a range of digital artists now talks about it on its website, stating that it “merges realities in fashion and gaming.”

Image Credit: Twitter, Benito Pagotto