‘A giant WHAT exactly?’ Blue-check actor claiming even though Biden is ‘elderly’ he’s a GIANT accidentally the funniest damn thing you’ll read today

Full transparency, we had to look Ken Olin up because we had no idea who he is. Apparently, he was super popular on Thirtysomething … thirty years ago. He also happens to think Biden is a GIANT or something. Hey man, don’t look at us, we didn’t write this crap.

Ok, so we subjected you all to it but still, we didn’t write it.

Take a gander:

Biden is an old giant. Alrighty then.

Oh, and that part about him still having his faculties? THAT is some funny sh*t right there.


A disgusting toad of a man, that’s who.

We sooo have to bite our tongue right now.


Keep telling yourself that.

Check out that laundry list of suck.


Yeah, we may have snort-laughed and scared both corgis in the room.



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