Outsource founder, CEO Gallimore launches book

OUTSOURCE Accelerator founder and Chief Executive Officer Derek Gallimore recently launched his book, Inside Outsourcing, on June 8 at One Corporate Center, Ortigas Center. The book discusses Gallimore’s views on the importance of outsourcing and how it brought a seismic change to the way people work brought about by the pandemic.

“As we move into a more remote world, people are now hearing more about “work from home,” decentralized organizations, global organizations, and with the current situation, more companies are turning to outsourcing to save costs,” Gallimore explains during his book launch.

He believes that the office workspace that we know of is not coming back. Two years of living with a pandemic only proved that remote work, outsourcing and offshoring is the future of work. With soaring salaries, staff shortages and the Great Resignation wreaking havoc on the global economies, business owners are turning to offshore staffing solutions in record numbers.

And this is where he believes that this a golden opportunity for the Philippines, a country whose people speak excellent English and teeming with college-educated professionals. He believes that the outsourcing business in the country still has enormous growth potential.

“This opportunity is hiding in plain sight. The Philippines does not realize the golden goose it has.

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I suggested the analogy the Philippines is to outsourcing as the Middle East is to its oil. When you get things moving, it is then people realize that Filipinos are not only good for basic tasks, they can be very capable and contribute to the entire organization chart of the business.”

“Currently, 63 percent of the world’s population — 5 billion people — have access to the internet. With the continuing effects of globalization, more and more people from across the world are gaining access to resources that they can use to upskill. This, in turn, is making it easier for outsourcers to scour the internet for talented candidates. Over the coming generations, if not in the forthcoming decade, there will be another 3 billion people entering the global employment market. Who would’ve thought it would be possible to have a team composed of diverse cultures and backgrounds from across the 8 billion people in the world? With outsourcing, it is possible,” Gallimore said.