Drew Brees May Have Blown His Best Post-Retirement Opportunity

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)


Former New Orleans Saints quarterback and NBC analyst Drew Brees didn’t last long with his job at NBC.

After one year, the Super Bowl quarterback is gone.

However, the choice was his to leave NBC.

Brees made a choice to spend more time with his family, which he wasn’t able to during his 20-year NFL career.

Doing the work with NBC also took him away from his family, leading him to step away from his job.

However, that job with NBC might have been his best post-retirement job.

With him deciding to quit, he might have given up his best shot as a sports analyst.


Getting A Sports Analyst Job Isn’t Easy

Many of the sports analysts that don’t have a background as a former player don’t have an easy way into the job.

The normal people fans see on the sidelines have either a postsecondary degree in broadcasting or communication.

However, sports analysts who played seem to get a free pass.

The bar for them is different, as Brees’ college degree is in industrial management, not broadcasting or communication.


Some Fans Didn’t Like Brees As An Analyst

When a TV station’s viewers are vocal about something, they usually keep that in mind.

This is because they want to keep those viewers glued to the TV.

If the viewers leave, that turns into lost revenue for the network.

Football fans made it known how they felt about Brees as an announcer and analyst.

With Brees walking away, and people voicing their dislike of him, NBC might not take him back now.

He had one of the best jobs any sports fan would love to have.

However, he left after just one year.

But while this was his best job after leaving the NFL, it isn’t the only job he had.


Brees Is A Brand Ambassador, Equity Stakeholder For PointsBet

Online sports betting site PointsBet signed Brees to a deal as their brand ambassador back in 2021.

They also made him an equity stakeholder in the company when he made his deal with them.

With him having this to fall back on, maybe things aren’t so bad for him.

However, it is unknown what he makes as the brand ambassador or equity stakeholder.

But it still allows him to have a job and income to fall back on over his previous job with NBC.

So Brees has nothing to worry about, even if he gets blacklisted as an analyst.

He already had himself a plan, even though some people might not have realized his plan.

This now allows Brees to focus on what he finds as the most important thing to him.

That thing is his family that he’s been away from for over 20 years as a football player and analyst in his career.