Is a key Jacqui Lambie staffer doing media for her network candidate?

The independent senator says she fighting for those who need a leg up. But is she giving herself a leg up in the process?

Jacqui Lambie campaigning for Tammy Tyrell (Image: Supplied)

Jacqui Lambie has come out punching for this election. She’s not up for reelection herself, but under the Jacqui Lambie Network (JLN) banner she’s running Tammy Tyrrell, her former office manager, for the sixth Senate slot in Tasmania. They’re charging round the countryside in a van, putting up posters, featuring the two together.

“I’m fighting for those who need a leg up,” her website reads, “but I can’t do it alone.”

She’s not. Having initially said she didn’t have a media person, Lambie has been using staffer Carmela Chivers to do media liaison as she travels around the state. Crikey was text tick-tacking with Chivers throughout the morning about getting an interview, or 15 minutes, with Tyrrell.