Outrage at the woman who said she “covered” her “unflattering” bikini body.

A woman who was told her bikini was “unflattering” on her size 16 body clapped back and received a flurry of support from other women.

A body-positive influencer in the United States responded to trolls who urged her to “cover” her body when wearing a bikini.

Emily Bispo, 23, regularly shares inspiring videos about love for your body, regardless of size.

Many of her videos on TikTok show her sporting her size 12 – an Australian size 16 – in a range of colorful bikinis, plus messages including “love your love handles” and “life is too precious to lose. time to worry about not having the ‘perfect’ body “.

However, her motivational videos have sadly attracted the attention of internet trolls who claim she needs to “cover up” and that bikinis “aren’t very flattering” on her body.

Emily, on the other hand, has no time for keyboard warriors, responding with a short video.

In the clip, Emily can be seen wearing a black and red micro two-piece while relaxing on a poolside lounger.

She then raises her sunglasses and her indifferent expression suggests that she is totally detached from the cruel observation.

“It’s a chubby hot summer, mind your own business,” captioned the rebel clip.

The post has had more than 320,000 views to date and was flooded with comments – many are grateful to Emily for helping build their trust.


“Convince me that there is beauty like this girl in the world,” said another.

“Rock it gurl, the haters will hate you,” someone else wrote.

While one said: “You literally don’t know how much effect you have on me! Like my older sister ILY.

Others were angry at being abused, writing that they “love every inch” of her.

“Not bad at all. Are you jealous?” an enraged one.

“Don’t cover anything, they’re idiots,” wrote another.

Emily has long used her social media platform to help women feel good in their bodies, regardless of shape or size.

She regularly shares videos of herself dancing in a bikini and gives tips and advice on how to style the most curvy bodies.

“This is your sign to wear a bikini and take cute pictures on the beach,” she said in one of her swimwear videos.

In another video she detailed her weight gain, sharing pictures of her body throughout the process and describing it as “normal”.

“Remember that weight gain is normal and sometimes VERY necessary, I feel much healthier and happier in this body,” she wrote.

While in another he wrote: “I hope all of you with trendy jumps know how cute they are.”

The average Australian woman weighs 71.1 kg and is a size 14-16, according to recent ABS data.

Originally published as The woman was told to “cover” her “unflattering” bikini body.