Microsoft HoloLens creator Alex Kipman leaves the company

Microsoft technical colleague Alex Kipman reveals “HoloLens 2” during a presentation at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) on the eve of the world’s largest mobile fair in Barcelona on February 24, 2019.

Gabriel Bouys | AFP | Getty Images

Microsoft HoloLens leader Alex Kipman leaves the company after a Internal history claimed he was accused of inappropriate behavior by colleagues. Microsoft wants to restructure its HoloLens mixed reality group in the wake of the departure, the company said.

The changes come at a critical time for HoloLens technology.

HoloLens is an augmented reality viewer that overlays digital information on the real world. Microsoft used it for satisfy business partners through its so-called industrial metaverse, which the company said can help factory workers produce, repair and manage supply chains. Kawasaki recently signed on to use headphones to help its employees build robots.

Kipman, who joined Microsoft in 2001, was charged with misconduct against female employees by current and former workers. Privileged relationship released late last month. Kipman did not respond to an Insider request for comment and was not immediately available to comment on CNBC.

Microsoft declined to confirm or deny specific allegations against Kipman and other executives at CNBC, but confirmed that Kipman will leave the company to “pursue other interests”.

The company plans to move its Mixed Reality Hardware group into the Windows and devices organization. It is also moving the mixed reality presence and collaboration group into the Microsoft Teams organization. Meanwhile, Bloomberg he said Microsoft is now deciding whether to continue developing its AR hardware.

Kipman will help teams transition over the next couple of months, Microsoft said.

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