Cheese Themed Mechanical Keyboards: AJAZZ AC067 Mechanical Keyboard

The AJAZZ AC067 mechanical keyboard was created in collaboration with Kailh as a cheese-inspired peripheral for typists or gamers to embed on their desktop. The keyboard is crafted with a gasket mounting structure to ensure it can withstand everyday use and features a 65% 67-key layout figuration paired with PBT Cheese Themed Dye Sublimed MDA Height keyboards. The keyboard is also paired with custom Kailh Box Yellow Cheese switches to further enhance the shoddy nature of the peripheral.

The AJAZZ AC067 mechanical keyboard features a number of cheesy-inspired shades throughout the design to further bring home the fun nature of the peripheral. The main body of the keyboard is accentuated by a series of depressions that give it the appearance of being carved from a large block of cheese.