George Kambosos vs Devin Haney: the fighters respond to the confrontation at the press conference

George Kambosos may have landed his biggest win as he escalated the mental assault on Devin Haney without saying a word.

George Kambosos Jr. claimed a victory in mind warfare prior to his fight against Devin Haney for the undisputed lightweight world championship.

Bad blood between the two is boiling ahead of Sunday’s blockbuster, as both boxers seek to become the first man to hold all four lightweight titles in the four-belt era.

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Kambosos had already hit the “rat” Haney for relaying information about Teofimo Lopez before the Australian’s fight against him last November, but there were no such verbal jokes at a press conference on Friday.

However, the gaze at the end of the proceedings said everything you need to know about the two fighters and what will happen on Sunday afternoon.

Wrapped in the four belts that separated them, Haney and Kambosos stood on tiptoe and stared at each other for 76 seconds according to the tally, but it could very well have been an eternity.

When reporters and the fighting entourage poured out of the Richmond Rowing Club, oxygen was sucked out of the room as neither of them wanted to show any weakness.

It also started to get awkward as MC Warren Smith rattled off the details for the next few days as Kambosos and Haney continued the gaze competition.

“Thanks, gentlemen, it has been pretty intense over the course of the week and it promises to be that way with all the belts in play this Sunday at Marvel Stadium,” said Smith.

Eventually, after those long 76 seconds, the 23-year-old American gave in, turning to the cameras first.

Kambosos gave the crowd a knowing look and joined his rival.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and the Australian Unified Champion said he saw everything he needed when he looked at Haney.

Asked what he saw while looking down, Kambosos told “Everything I’ve ever known about Devin, he’s very scared. He is very nervous and brings Sunday. ”

While Haney is still only 23, he boasts a 27-0 record but Kamboso believes he has already won the mental war.

“One hundred percent are in his head. I’ve ruffled a lot of feathers and am just having fun enjoying the moment, ”Kambosos told

“I don’t think he’s taking it too personally. But I think what I said is enough to question and start putting a lot of pressure on himself.

“I’m just ready for a good fight on Sunday.”

Haney denied that mind games were taking him.

“Upon entering, I knew he would try everything he could to get me out of the game and distract me,” he said.

“He can say anything he wants to say. I’ll do what I do regardless of when we step into that ring. I will come out victorious by any means “.

Legendary fight announcer Michael Buffer told whoever claims the belts will need to be able to dig deep, making the mental battle even more important.

“I think there is a slight contrast in the styles,” Buffer said. “Both fighters have what we like to call the will to win, you know the ability to dig deep if it gets to that 11th or 12th round. I think we’re going to see a great contest until the end.

“I don’t think it’s going to be a knockout. These fighters have knockout power but are not known as knockout artists. They are physically fit, mentally focused and we will see a great race. “

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