Canadian national security begins preparations for the threat of American instability

Conservative commentator George Will once said that Canada is known internationally for its “exceptional” common sense. So it should come as no surprise that at the same time many of us are nervously looking around, sensing an increasingly hostile and unstable country, Canada is starting to plan ahead to protect itself … from us or, more precisely, from the threats emerging from the our situation.

A brief summary from CBC News:

“The United States is and will remain our closest ally, but it could also become a source of threat and instability,” says a newly published report written by a task force of former National Security Advisers, former directors of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. (CSIS), former deputy ministers, former ambassadors and academics. Group members advised both Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

And, of course, Canadians have felt no need to “get into both sides” despite the fact that Canada itself has a relatively small far-right movement, pointing the finger directly at Trump, Fox News and the lack of trust. in democratic institutions. Indeed, cooperation between the small but increasingly hostile Canadian far right and the more established, mature and powerful American movement is a major concern. If the far right (which is increasingly just “the right”) starts organizing violent campaigns in the United States, the Canadian report believes there will be an impact on Canada.

Canadian security experts have pointed to the convoy of truckers as a tangible example of a foreign threat, albeit not traditional as it did not arise from government action:

“This may not have represented foreign interference in the conventional sense, as it was not the result of actions by a foreign government. But it probably posed a greater threat to Canadian democracy than the actions of any state other than the United States, “the report said.

“It will be a significant challenge for our national security and intelligence agencies to monitor this threat, as it comes from the same country that is by far our largest source of intelligence.”

Their report also notes that it is damn hard to coordinate with the US government when the US polarization is so strong that the US security official on the other side of the line may be sympathetic to the right wing campaign. Furthermore, given that the two countries share many infrastructures (power grids, water systems, etc.), there are fears that a purely American attack will necessarily spill over, impacting Canada.

Noticeably absent from the report?

What to do if the border is overrun by Americans looking for shelter start crossing the border, legally or illegally.

How can we know it’s a concern if it is not in the relationship? As many of us with dual citizenship have already set our plans for the first time, we come across a giant intersection occupied by the vigilante quarter’s “security patrols”, we are taking our loved ones and rushing back to a relatively healthy democracy. and sustainable. And many Americans will remember a vacation or work done in Canada and the different social environment. If we have thought about it, they have thought about it. But they’re damn sure they’re not giving any clues as to what they are planning or even acknowledging that they are planning a potential crisis to an international audience that may be the very people who are going to have to solve, people coming home against people who want to join forces.

After all, they are internationally renowned for common sense.