NGO announces contracts for satellite images to Maxar, Planet, BlackSky

Maxar has collected new satellite images of the port city of Berdyansk in southern Ukraine, which reveal a burned-out and partially submerged Russian Alligator-class landing ship near one of the ports’ loading / unloading docks.

Maxar Technologies | Getty Images

The National Reconnaissance Office on Wednesday announced contracts worth “billions of dollars” over the next decade to three satellite imaging companies: Maxar, planet Other Black sky.

The NGO touted the contracts as “a historic expansion” of its acquisition strategy, noting that the increasing availability of commercial company images “increases our resilience and enables an integrated approach” to national security.

Shares of BlackSky were up 47% in trading, while Planet’s shares were up 10%, from previous stock closings of $ 1.18 and $ 5.02 per share, respectively. Trading in Maxar’s stock was halted by the New York Stock Exchange shortly before the announcement was made.

The NRO award is part of its Electro-Optical Commercial Layer (EOCL) program, which the intelligence agency says will support more than half a million federal users over the next decade.

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