New AP-NORC poll suggests it’s getting harder to find someone who thinks Joe Biden doesn’t suck (even among Democrats) –

If Joe Biden’s tweets (and Ron Klain’s retweets) were all you had to watch, you might be forgiven if you think the current administration is winning the hearts and minds of Americans all day, every day. They always talk about how great everything is and how great everything that is not yet great will be once they solve all our problems with their great ideas.

But apparently there are many Americans who don’t look at Joe Biden’s tweets and Ron Klain’s retweets and don’t realize how awesome it is, because a new AP-NORC poll suggests fewer Americans than ever approve of Joe Biden’s work. currently plays as president:

39%? Do we hear 38%? 37%?

“Is there a growing pessimism among the members of his own Pd”? Roo-roh, Joe.

This particular survey is very interesting.

And you thought three in ten it was ugly!

And we have no doubt that Ron Klain is bitterly clinging to that “slightly elevated”.


It is also the fault of the Republicans. They’ve been out to get Joe Biden from the start, those monsters. This poll is disinformation! Misinformation, did you hear?

Imagine what he could still do in those two and a half years.

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