Could Fiona Martin’s apparent confusion cost an incumbent their place in Reid?

Fiona Martin’s apparent confusion between Sally Sitou and Tu Le could have a decisive effect on the outcome of the electorate on election day.

Maxine McKew, Sally Sitou and Jodi McKay (image: provided)
Maxine McKew, Sally Sitou and Jodi McKay (image: provided)

The MP from one of NSW’s most marginal liberal seats looks grim. Reid’s Dr Fiona Martin is spending long days pre-polling at her place west of Sydney and tension is building. When I ask her what the voters want to talk about, she mimics the party line and says “border security”.

But I very much doubt it. Last week, in a live radio debate, she appeared to be confusing her Labor opponent, Sally Sitou, with another Asian-Australian woman (which she denies), and the electorate was in turmoil.

During a debate on 2GB, also filmed, Martin accused Sitou of moving to the electorate because “he couldn’t run to Fowler” and said that Kristina Keneally “kicked you out of Fowler too.”

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