The End of Life Doctor tells what happens when you die

An end-of-life doctor revealed what really happens when you die, and it’s “not as bad as you expect”.

Whether you like it or not, death is something we can’t help thinking about.

It is a huge part of our life and something we will all experience someday.

The process can seem scary, as we don’t know what will happen to us.

But many experts who work around death every day say there is nothing to be afraid of.

Dr Kathryn Mannix specializes in palliative and end-of-life care and describes it simply as a “process”.

He said: “In my humble opinion, dyeing it’s probably not as bad as you expect.

“We have lost the rich wisdom of normal human death and it is time for us to talk about dying and reclaim wisdom.

“Dying, like giving birth, is really just a process. Gradually people become more tired, more tired.

“As time goes by, people sleep more and are less awake.”

The author of With the end in mind he thought of a short film for BBC ideas.

He wants to break the taboo and encourage people to talk about what happens when someone is dying.

emergency room Dr Thomas Fleischmann had previously stated that he thinks there are five stages of death, having witnessed nearly 2,000 deaths.

At the TEDtalkhe said: “The first stage is that there is a sudden change and, from one moment to the next, all the pain is gone.

“All the anxiety is gone, all the fear is gone, all the noise is gone – and there is only peace, calm and tranquility. Some report joy ”.

He said the second stage is an “out-of-body experience”, with the third feeling “comfortable” for almost everyone.

Some, however, describe “terrible noises, terrible smells and terrible creatures”.

The doctor said that in stage four, patients often see a light that begins to “glow in complete darkness.”

He said near-death survivors reported seeing “beautiful surroundings, beautiful colors, some say beautiful music and the feeling of unconditional love,” which is the fifth stage.

Research published earlier this year revealed that the process could be a lot more enjoyable than we think.

Scientists accidentally captured our most complex organ, the brain, as it shuts down, showing a startling snapshot of death.

A patient with epilepsy was linked to an electroencephalogram (EEG) before having a heart attack.

This meant that the 15 minutes around his death were recorded on the EEG.

In the 30 seconds on either side of the patient’s final heartbeat, an increase in very specific brain waves was detected.

These waves, known as gamma oscillations, are related to things like memory retrieval, meditation and dream.

This could mean, while many more studies would be needed, we could see some sort of cinematic reel of our best memories as we die.

The parts of the brain that were activated in this study also suggest that we may be entering a peaceful, dreamlike state that feels similar to meditation.

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