Affordable Modular Laptops: Second Generation Laptops

“Framework,” the consumer electronics company focused on creating a customizable all-in-one laptop, has announced its second generation modular laptop with pre-installed enhancements over the original. This laptop features high performance specs like a 12th generation Intel Core i7 processor and up to 64GB of RAM at 3200MHz.

The unique features of this laptop, however, are its customization and repairability features. The laptop is fully modular, meaning customers can simply swap out components and replace them with rugged ones when needed. This means that factors such as memory, storage, or processing speed are rarely an issue.

In addition to releasing its second generation modular laptop, the company has unveiled its intentions to support its first generation laptop as well. Customers who already own a Framework laptop have the option to purchase an upgraded motherboard chipset to elevate the performance of their existing laptop to compete with the newer edition.

Image credit: framework