Cody Simpson, Kyle Chalmers, Emma McKeon swimming in the love triangle: what we know

Kyle Chalmers’ decision to keep Cody Simpson off the Australian swim team has taken a spicy turn amid rumors of a love triangle.

Kyle Chalmers is set to destroy Cody Simpson’s dream of swimming for Australia, and the extraordinary situation has been clouded by reports of a love triangle involving Australian pool queen Emma McKeon.

Chalmers, 23, was romantically linked to McKeon, 27, in September last year.

But it was reported that Simpson and McKeon – who became a household name by winning four gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics – met on the Gold Coast last week.

The former Hollywood singer who has been linked to a number of high-profile women including Miley Cyrus, Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid and the 11-time Olympic medalist are said to be “completely in love” with each other, for The Daily Telegraph.

They have been spotted numerous times out and about on the Glitter Strip and traveling to train together every morning.

“They are absolutely together,” said a swimming insider T.the Daily Telegraph. “There is no doubt that they are an object. They are training together under (coach) Michael Bohl and fell in love with each other.

Their families appear to approve, with Simpson’s younger sister Alli, mother Angie and father Brad now following McKeon on Instagram.

There has been no news of how Chalmers’ adventure with McKeon ended, but the Adelaide super fish found himself in an extraordinary position this week when Simpson’s lifelong dream of making the Aussie team was suddenly put in the spotlight. his hands.

After a 10-year absence from the sport as he became a global pop icon, Simpson appeared to have booked his ticket for next month’s world championships in Budapest in the 100m butterfly.

He finished third with a time of 51.96 at the Australian Swimming Championships, but was expected to claim second place on the team in the event behind winner Matt Temple because Chalmers, who finished second in the final, shouldn’t have included the event in its busy schedule.

But that changed on Thursday night when Chalmers seemed to have changed his mind.

Speaking to Amazon Prime Video after Thursday night’s 50m butterfly final, Chalmers has virtually confirmed that he will be joining the Australian team at the world championships, meaning Simpson will miss out.

Asked if Simpson had crossed his mind while making the decision. He answered bluntly: “No”.

“There are also six other guys in the race who are disappointed, right? For me, swimming is a ruthless sport, “she continued.

“You have to finish in the top two to get the individual spot, and unfortunately I – well, not unfortunately, that’s my dream. It is my dream to become a butterflier, I started out as a butterflier and have always hoped to be a butterfly.

“My body hasn’t allowed me much up to this point, so it’s cool, my body is finally doing well. As I said, I want to swim (the 100m butterfly) in Paris so I have to start practicing and getting ready to do it.

“So for me, it didn’t occur to me at all. It occurs to me how David Morgan, for example, has been on the team for such a long period of time. Does it destroy his dream? Unfortunately it’s not something that is taken into account. in an individual sport “.

Speaking to reporters after the game, Chalmers explained that he would make the final decision in the next couple of days after consulting with his coach.

“I personally think (going into worlds) will be best for me personally moving forward,” said Chalmers.

“You can’t make me the bad guy. Yes, it’s a shame that it probably takes away Cody’s seat, but it also takes away five other guys (seats) who were in the race. It’s not just Cody.

“I think the difficult thing is that my training partner Matt Temple is the Australian record holder who won the consecutive title last night. There is no attention or hype around him, which is what I have struggled with the most for me. It’s great that there are eyes on me and Cody. Eyes deserve to be on Matt Temple. “

Simpson will now have to wait until the end of the week for his selection to be resolved when the team is announced.

“It’s a dream come true,” he said after Wednesday’s race, as he initially thought his place had been secured.

“I had a good swim this morning, so much progress from last year. I’ve just been kicking my ass all year, so it’s amazing to see results like this pay off. I was hoping to go a little faster tonight, but scraping underneath is a real dream.

“I had no idea this meeting was going to happen, so I’m sky-high.

“I started training just under two years after 10-11 years out of the water. I didn’t think I was going to be even remotely competitive, racing this year soon. Potentially making a team already is just a bonus on the way to (the) Paris (Olympics). “

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