Nina Jankowicz resigned –


Nina Jankowicz resigned:



Taylor Lorenz of the Washington Post reports that the DHS Disinformation Governance Board – aka Joe Biden’s The Ministry of Truth – has been “put on hold” and the director of the board, Nina Jankowicz, is “considering leaving”:

According to Lorenz, it is because of “coordinated right-wing attacks”:

The “hiatus” of the newly created Disinfo governance committee comes when its boss, Nina Jankowicz, has been the target of vicious and coordinated right-wing attacks, which government officials have failed to effectively counter.

It would be nice if you cited some evidence of the “coordinated” part, but no:

The vast right-wing conspiracy is back, baby!

“Interviews with sources within DHS, on the Hill, along with disinfo experts, show how Jankowicz was set to fail by an administrator uncertain about her messages and unprepared to thwart the coordinated far-right online campaign against her. “.

Of course, Lorenz’s shot of this is misinformation:

Apparently, it was. a “wild” week for the board and Jankowicz:

“The decision to” pause “the Disinfo Governance Committee closes a wild week of decisions that have changed in the course of reporting this story.”

Lorenz reported that the board was completely closed on Monday and Jankowicz “drafted a letter of resignation”:

But the project is just now pending. Or something:

It may still be closed entirely:

According to Lorenz, “Jankowicz is currently evaluating his position within the department”:

Or, and we’re just spitting out here, a group like this is supposed to be impartial all the way and was their selection wrong from the start?

lol Jankowicz hasn’t been checked at all and is now blaming our side for sharing her videos on TikTok and the like?

The “lies” about his work were links to his old tweets and videos, by the way:

Oh yes . . . “terrifying”:

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