The Coalition likes to flood public companies with taxpayers’ money

From generous federal donations to millions of badly spent on JobKeeper, the government seems more spendthrift than scrupulous.

(Image: PrivateMedia)
(Image: PrivateMedia)

John Howard famously dropped in 2007 spending like a drunken sailor, but this was at the end of an 11-year reign that had produced enough budget surpluses to reduce outstanding federal bonds to just $ 58 billion. Howard’s treasurer, Peter Costello, had also done a lot to fully fund federal pension liabilities to civil servants through the establishment of the Future Fund.

However, very little of Howard’s generosity resorted to direct handouts to public corporations, in stark contrast to what we have seen by Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg in recent months.

It was bad enough that $ 38 billion of JobKeeper’s $ 88 billion payments went to applicants who didn’t qualify under the program’s rules, but at least the public companies had to disclose exactly how much they received.

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