How America has lost a million people

New York Times: “The extent of the country’s loss is almost impossible to understand.”

“More Americans have died of Covid-19 than in two decades of road or battlefield accidents in all of the country’s wars combined.”

Experts say deaths were almost inevitable from a new virus of such severity and transmissibility. Still, one million deaths is a staggering toll, even for a country the size of the United States, and the real number is almost certainly higher due to underestimation. “

“It is the result of many factors, including elected officials who have downplayed the threat posed by the coronavirus and resisted security measures; a decentralized and overloaded healthcare system that has struggled with testing, traceability and treatment; and lower vaccination and recall rates than in other rich countries, in part the result of widespread distrust and resistance fueled by the media and right-wing politicians ”.

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