“Looking For Love” presenter Selena Gomez shuts down “SNL” suitors.

hosting “Live Saturday night”For the first time, singer actor Selena Gomez announced in her monologue that she was single and wanted to socialize, but ended up dreaming of a dinosaur.

Gomez, who began her acting career at age 7 with the big purple dinosaur Barney, is now on Hulu’s “Only Murders” series.

“I was so honored to work with [series co-stars] Steve Martin and Martin Short, especially after I googled them to find out who they were, “said Gomez unemotional.

She was serious, she explained, about finding love in the program.

“Emma Stone with her husband here … Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost and Pete [Davidson] and… Machine Gun Kelly, ”he joked.

But he quickly turned down the instant offers Kyle Mooney, James Austin Johnson Other Punky Johnson (although Punkie was “kind of an atmosphere,” Gomez noted). “Let’s see how the afterparty goes,” she added hopefully.

It was then that he led the audience in a song by one of his first, very great, loves: “I love you, you love me, we are a happy family”.

See it in the video above.