Clarence Thomas launches an attack on the Egg Protests

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said Conservatives would never protest at the home of Supreme Court judges.

The New York Times reported Thomas’s remarks during an event in Dallas:

“You would never visit the homes of Supreme Court judges when things didn’t go your way,” he said. “We didn’t have a tantrum. It is up to us to always act appropriately and not pay back one blow after another. “

He added that the Conservatives “have never wiped out a Supreme Court candidate.” He acknowledged that Merrick B. Garland, President Barack Obama’s third Supreme Court nominee, “didn’t have a hearing, but he wasn’t thrown out.”

“You will not see the total destruction of a single candidate,” Judge Thomas said. “You won’t even see people go to other people’s houses, attack them for dinner in a restaurant, throw things at them.”

Just to make sure everyone is clear on Judge Thomas’ position, that’s perfectly fine fine for supporting an insurrection and attempting to overthrow the government, but under no circumstances should you attempt to protest peacefully outside the homes of Supreme Court judges. This is a bridge too far.

Clarence Thomas demands that Americans be civilized while their rights are stolen, just like Trump supporters who tried to overthrow the government for a lie.