Digital Universe Tours: the gate

“SpiceVR” is an immersive multimedia studio and innovation hub that has created a unique interactive experience called “The Gate” based on reality. The company has previously developed 360-degree virtual counterparts for real-world locations and experiences, however, “The Gate” is a larger-scale virtual tour. The Gate gives viewers an experience that shows them everything from the largest galaxies to the smallest atoms known to man.

The gate is a top notch digital twin. While creating this experience, SpiceVR sought not only to immerse and amaze its users, but also to educate and connect with them. The Gate is designed to be digestible and easy to understand while tackling complex topics that are sure to leave any user with a new perspective on the universe. SpiceVR said that up to four players can enjoy The Gate at the same time, which improves the experience for every individual involved.

Image credit: SpiceVR