Artistic UV-reactive smartphones: polychromatic mobile phone

The conceptual Polychromatic Mobile Phone is an art-inspired smartphone model that focuses on an artistic aesthetic that will change over the course of the day based on conditions.

Designed by the Tecno Camon 19 Pro Design Team, the smartphone features a Mondrian-inspired grid layout on the back that will change colors based on UV exposure. This pays homage to Edouard Manet who created by bringing light into painting and most importantly, starting the Impressionist art movement.

The conceptual Polychromatic Mobile Phone was achieved through 500 different iterations with the final result being achieved in a 22-step process. The smartphone is the winner of the A ‘Design Award 2022 and identifies what can be done to keep mobile technology intriguing for users who may be a little bored with existing models on the market.