Coral Bay Perth fishing charter attacked by a bronze whaling shark in terrifying footage

After the terrible ordeal, incredible footage emerged of a shark attacking a boat carrying four companions to Western Australia.

An annual fishing trip for four Perth mates took a terrifying turn after a ten-foot shark chewed on their engine.

The fishermen were out in Coral Bay on Wednesday, where the bronze whaling shark was fighting on a line for an hour.

It was then that the predator decided to swallow the propeller of the boat.

One can feel the immediate shock and horror of the men, with one of them describing the shark as a “monster”.

“He bit the engine,” said one.

“Oh man, this is crazy.”

“He’s a monster.”

Charter boat captain Matt Zen said he never expected in his “wildest dreams” that a shark would interrupt their annual “Fever Fishing” trip like that.

“He took a liking to the engine and it lasted a good few minutes,” Zenn told 9News.

“We were starting to worry about how we were going to take it out.”

Another of the fishermen, Jarryd England, described his shock at the shark’s extraordinary feat.

“His jaw inhaled the whole prop and that’s a great engine,” he said.

The bronze whaler held the engine for five minutes before swimming away.

Both the shark and the boat were unharmed.

It comes after a family from Perth also had them boat attacked by a shark last month during the long Easter weekend.

That shark hung around for an hour and bit the boat engine and berley cage.

Originally published as Mates’ fishing trip in WA is interrupted by a “monster” shark.