Kamala Harris is far from clear saying she wants to BE CLEAR in the video shaming the Senate for not approving the bill that allows abortion up to 40 weeks (watch)

Guys, do you think Kamala Harris knows that most of the advocates of life are women? Okay, it’s not like Kamala actually knows much about anything, so it wasn’t really a fair question.

But hey, she wanted to be clear when she took the time to register herself shaming the Senate for not passing a bill that would make abortion legal for up to 40 weeks.


We’re getting “Mommie Dearest” vibes from this video. At any moment he will lift a hanger and scream: ‘NO WIRE HOOK … EVERRRRRRRRR!’

And then he’ll force us to clean the bathroom or something.

Dude, she’s not nice at all.

And she sucked.


He’s really trying … right?

Without lying we’re not sure he would have much to add to any conversation.


Indeed they do.



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