Both Schumer and McConnell asked Rand Paul to allow for a swift passage of aid to Ukraine, and he said no.

Rand Paul has ignored calls from both Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell to stop blocking emergency aid to Ukraine.

Steven Dennis tweeted:

Dennis stressed that it doesn’t matter if 99 senators are in favor of swift approval of the bill with unanimous consent. Under Senate rules, it takes all 100 senators to quickly pass legislation.

If Paul still votes against the bill, due to bogus debt / inflation problems, what aid to Ukraine has nothing to do with inflation, then why is he unnecessarily blowing up the Senate?

The answer is because it can.

The Senate is not broken.

The rules of the Senate are broken

Democrats must take a Senate seat or two in November, no matter what happens in the House, so they can fix the Senate rules by getting rid of the current filibuster and a senator’s power to destroy the entire body without having to do anything.

Rand Paul shouldn’t have the unilateral power to harm Ukraine, because it seems to be on Putin’s side.