Robust demand environment; cos trying to accelerate digital transformation: Roshni Nadar

Bombay: The technology demand environment “continues to be robust” despite the challenges encountered in the past two years and global customers focus very precisely on accelerating digital transformation with efficiency, President of HCL Technologies Roshni Nadar Malhotra said Thursday.

North Asia, Central America, Eastern Europe and Africa are the new geographies for the company, he said, adding that “this is where we plan to grow in the future as new frontier countries, in addition to our large geographic areas and existing markets “.

“The past two years have been unpredictable, challenging, yet the demand environment continues to be solid,” Nadar said in a media briefing.

Citing his interactions with various customers in Europe and the United States, Nadar said their top priority has been accelerating digital transformation programs with efficiency.

Nadar noted that most of the company’s “healthy and very steady growth” has occurred organically and continues to be a focal point for the company. IT services providers.

“… Putting in acquisitions, specialized acquisitions, which give us some experience in the sector and some strength in different lines of business is something we will do, but the goal has been organic growth.

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“And it’s something that we have demonstrated very well over the past two years, and we continue to focus on that too,” said Nadar.

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