The 1/6 committee throws a citation bomb on Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy

Representative Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy were among five House Republicans subjected to testifying by the 1/6 Committee.

The Committee explained why they want to speak to the five House Republicans:

Minority leader Kevin McCarthy was in communication with President Trump before, during and after the January 6 attack. Mr. McCarthy was also in communication with other White House staff members during the attack and in the days before and after January 6 regarding events at the Capitol. Mr. McCarthy also claimed that he had an argument with the president shortly after the attack during which President Trump admitted some guilt for the attack.

Representative Scott Perry he was directly involved in efforts to bribe the Justice Department and install Jeffrey Clark as interim attorney general. Additionally, Mr. Perry had various communications with the White House on a number of issues relevant to the Select Committee’s investigation, including allegations that the Dominion’s voting machines had been damaged.

Representative Jim Jordan was in communication with President Trump on January 6 and participated in meetings and discussions between late 2020 and early 2021 on strategies to overturn the 2020 elections.

Representative Andy Biggs He attended meetings to plan various aspects of January 6 and was involved in plans to bring protesters to Washington for the count of the Electoral College votes. Mr. Biggs was involved in efforts to persuade state officials that 2020 was stolen. Additionally, former White House staff identified Mr. Biggs as potentially involved in an effort to seek presidential pardon for activities related to the former president’s efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Representative Mo Brooks spoke at the January 6 demonstration, encouraging rioters to “start stripping names and kick asses.” Additionally, Mr. Brooks has publicly described conversations in which the former president urged him to work on “canceling the 2020 election” and reinstalling Trump as president. The select committee also has evidence that Mr. Brooks’ staff met with Vice President Pence’s staff members before January 6 and expressed the view that the Vice President does not have the authority to unilaterally refuse to count certified electoral votes.

Each of these members was in communication with Trump, and the Committee claims that four of the five were involved in planning Trump’s coup to overthrow the government.

The Committee cited precedents for summonsing members.

Kevin McCarthy refused to say whether he would comply with a quote:

Jim Jordan said he will refuse to honor any 1/6 committee subpoena.

The commission hearings won’t begin until next month, so there’s plenty of time for a criminal postponement if Republicans refuse to obey.