Georgia cops welcome Jim Crow to the Delaware black women’s lacrosse team

Last month, after playing three games in Florida, the Delaware State University women’s lacrosse team was on their way home through Georgia when police stopped her bus. Liberty County Sheriff’s Deputies said the driver, who is black, had committed a traffic violation and told the women their bags would be searched for narcotics, such as marijuana, heroin, methane and ketamine.

Delaware State University is a historically black school and the players were black too. Prior to the questionable research, an agent informed them that recreational marijuana use is illegal in Georgia. This is almost a political racial profile.

NBC News Reports:

“If there is anything that is questionable, please tell me now,” said the officer in a video recorded by team member Sydney Anderson. “Because if we find it, guess what? We won’t be able to help you. “

Cops still talk this bullshit, like they’re in “Law & Order”. Look, no one with a brain, especially if you’re black, should believe cops have an interest in helping you.

Officers said they would rummage through the women’s belongings for “anything you could put marijuana in”, such as “devices” for smoking or scales for measuring portions as if they were all drug dealers. Maybe it seems deliberately vague, as you could put marijuana in anything. It is an adaptable drug.

The search lasted 20 minutes and involved a drug dog. I’m not crazy about dogs in general, but narcissistic dogs are probably my least favorite. Anderson later wrote in the campus publication, The Hornet newspaper, “Everyone was confused as to why they were looking through the bags, when there was no probable cause. Team members were shocked, as they saw officers wandering among their bags. They took the K-9 dog out. to sniff their bags. Cops started throwing underwear and other women’s products in an attempt to locate narcotics. “

Two officers soon became six. Although they found nothing immediately, they remained undeterred in their search. The policemen explained to the horrified students that this was necessary, not only to stop the scourge of the demon grass, but also to prevent child trafficking. Meanwhile, these are grown men who abuse women who are just in their teens.

Pamella Jenkins, the school’s women’s lacrosse coach, said: “When I saw the police get on the bus and then accuse us of having narcotics, I was reminded that living as black women in America, you are scrutinized when you just try to live. . Unfortunately this is our daily reality and when they go down we have to go up. I am proud of how calm our team has remained and above all proud of Mica Lambert for asking the officer an inspiring question. Those were stressful days, but our team handled that tense situation with the utmost class and respect. “

The experience was particularly traumatic for student Saniya Craft, who is related to Elijah McClain, the young Colorado Policemen killed in 2019.

“After seeing the police brutally kill my relative, I was petrified of what would happen to me and my teammates. As women of color, we are constantly faced with adversity and this was an accident we had to overcome together “.

Liberty County Sheriff William Bowman insisted this week that the search was not racially motivated. Apparently, Bowman’s agents frequently stop commercial vehicles for minor traffic violations. Sometimes they even get to pay dirty and find drugs! The rest of the time, they’re just violating people’s civil liberties, we suppose. The bus driver in this accident was driving in the left lane, which is illegal in Georgia. There’s no direct line, though, from someone who doesn’t pay attention to a state’s specific traffic laws and stuffs the bus with stolen weed and children. Bowman also said officers didn’t know the passengers on the bus were black. Bowman says many things that he expects us to believe.

“At the time, or even in the weeks that followed, we weren’t aware that this stop was perceived as a racial profile,” Bowman said. “While I don’t believe any racial profiling has been done based on the information I currently have, I welcome feedback from our community on ways in which our law enforcement practices can be improved while maintaining the law.”

Delaware State University President Tony Allen said in a statements Monday he is being “incensed” for what the women have experienced, and is investigating further with the university’s general counsel and athletic director. In a separate statement, Democratic Senators from Delaware Tom Carper and Chris Coons also issued a statement calling the images and video of the stop “deeply disturbing”. They offered the help of all their offices and said they “strongly support” his decision to “go wherever the evidence leads”.

By the way, nothing illegal was found on the bus, but that’s not quite the point. This has to stop.

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