Chuck Schumer gives his blessing to “peaceful” protests outside the homes of SCOTUS judges (despite knowing they are far from peaceful) [video]

At yesterday’s press conference in the White House, Jen Psaki confirmed that the Biden administration[continues] encourage pro-abortion protesters to come to the homes of Supreme Court judges to intimidate, harass and terrorize.

For what it’s worth, it seems those protesters can also count on the support of the Senate Democrats, assuming majority leader Chuck Schumer speaks here on behalf of his party:

Technically, Schumer preceded his “yes” with “if the protests are peaceful”. And we agree that peaceful protests are fine. They are even protected by the First Amendment!

The fact is that these protests outside the judges’ houses were not peaceful. Chuck Schumer may be awful, unbearable and awful on multiple levels, but he knows the truth about those protests. And he’s actually giving them his blessing here.

Yes, we’re not sure why this should make us more understanding of the people who push Supreme Court justices into hiding. We can’t stand Chuck Schumer, but we also don’t agree with the angry crowd that shows up outside his house.

All Chuck Schumer had to do was explicitly condemn the protesters who harassed the SCOTUS judges. To draw a clear distinction between “peaceful” protest and what the mafia is actually doing. But he has chosen to give a rosy twist to what’s going on instead, and that’s a big deal.

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