Dumaguete bishop calls for reconciliation after “divisive elections”

A man stands next to election posters the day before national elections in Manila, Philippines, May 8, 2022. (Reuters / Willy Kurniawan)

Bishop Julito Cortes of Dumaguete called “politically torn families” in recent local and national elections towards reconciliation.

“For all of us who have gone through these divided elections, we should forgive each other,” Cortes said in a video message on Wednesday.

“Let’s go back to cultivating our relationships with each other as a family, torn apart by politics,” he said.

The bishop emphasizes that “the change is not only external but also internal to each of us and to our homes”.

In ensuring the Church’s “cooperation” with the government for the well-being of the population, he said the diocese will also check the electoral promises of newly elected leaders.

The prelate also congratulated the winners, reminding them to always seek the grace of knowledge to see the “will of God for his people”.

“God’s hand can be seen in history,” he said. “God is the one who gave them authority. God calls them to serve, especially the weak and poor of our society ”.

For those who have not won, he has joined them in order not to lose hope.

“Losing doesn’t mean complete failure, but an opportunity for God’s will to come true,” Cortes said.

“When one window closes, another opens,” he added. “Seek God’s purpose for you through faith and obedience to the Holy Spirit.”

Since this post, most of the winners of the elections have been proclaimed in the provinces of Negros Oriental and Siqujor.